Strong VPN Speedtest Screenshot
Countries: 22
IPs: 87000
Servers: 458
Fastest Download Speed: 66.8 Mb/s
Fastest Upload Speed: 48.79 Mb/s
Fastest Ping Time: 14 ms
Protocols: PPTP
Price from: $ 5.83/month
Payment Options:
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StrongVPN is a small and reliable VPN Provider which is in business since ages. On some servers they provide awesome connection speeds - as you can see in our test.

How fast is the VPN Service Strong VPN?

Strong VPN Speed Test #1 on a 50 MBit VDSL Line with


Strong VPN speed test in the USA

Strong VPN speed test in the Netherlands

Strong VPN speed test in the UK

Speedtest #2 on a 1 GBit Line with


Strong VPN speed test in the USA

Strong VPN speed test in the Netherlands

Strong VPN speed test in the UK

Information about Strong VPN

This California-based company began its operations in 1994. The company offers VPN services but what makes it different from the others in the industry is its team of trained professionals, its quality principles and its experience.

The price of this company may be slightly higher but according to its customers and journals its services are worth the price tags they come in. Currently, Strong VPN has its servers in twenty different countries around the world.

Right now it has an absolute no-logs policy, so they don’t keep anything at anytime. Formerly they used to store logs like the utilized bandwidth, the duration of the internet session and the location and time of the link fabrication.

The Strong VPN Client:


Strong VPN has fast Servers / Ip adresses from:

Latvia, Hong Kong, Romania, Germany, Malaysia, Turkey, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, France, Japan, Netherlands, Czech Republic, United States, Italy, Sweden, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada.