Fastest VPN Service 2018 – VPN Speed Tests

IPvanish Speedtest

Countries: 60
IPs: 40000
Servers: 500
Fastest Download Speed: 40.62 Mb/s
Fastest Upload Speed: 8.61 Mb/s
Fastest Ping Time: 19 ms
Protocols: OpenVPN
Filesharing: allowed
Price from: $ 6.49/month
Payment Options:
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The roots of IPVanish are also in the usenet business. The company owns a large network of serves worldwide and they do not log - Zero Knowledge - which is a awesome feature for your privacy.

How fast is the VPN Service IPvanish?

IPvanish VPNĀ  Speed Test #1 on a 50 MBit VDSL Line with

VPN Speedtest #2 on a 1 GBit Line with

IPvanish VPN speed test in France

IPvanish VPN speed test in the Netherlands

IPvanish VPN speed test in the UK

IPvanish VPN speed test in the USA

IPvanish VPN speed test in Australia

IPvanish VPN speed test in Germany

Information about IPvanish VPN:

IPVanish has been around for more than fifteen years. It specializes in offering VPN IP, content delivery and network management services.

The VPN service offered is secure and has high speed. What makes this company different is the fact that it offers strong customer-oriented support as its services are backed by good technical support.

The servers of this company are located across twenty eight countries and the company is continually seeking new locations to place its servers. The company cares about user privacy and saves logs like dedicated IP address, duration of the session, timestamp and bandwidth used.

IPvanish Ass has fast Servers / Ip adresses from:

Turkey, Germany, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, Belgium, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Finland, Romania, South Korea, Australia, Latvia, Portugal, Brazil, Lithuania, Moldova, New Zealand, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, India, Japan, Norway, Thailand, South Africa, Austria, United States, Croatia, Denmark, Panama, Indonesia, Canada, Malaysia, Slovakia .


IPVanish Speed Test:

Network Speed without VPN: 40.62 Mb/s Download Speed, 8.1 Mb/s Upload Speed, 28 ms Ping Time

Network Speed with IP Vanish VPN / OpenVPN: 8.9 Mb/s Download Speed, 2.35 Mb/s Upload Speed, 41 ms Ping Time

Network Speed with IP Vanish VPN / PPTP: 16.33 Mb/s Download Speed, 6.44 Mb/s Upload Speed, 35 ms Ping Time

IP Vanish offers Clients for: Windows, Mac OS, IOS / IPhone , Android