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HidemyAss Speedtest

Countries: 190
IPs: 120000
Servers: 940
Fastest Download Speed: 33.42 Mb/s
Fastest Upload Speed: 6.66 Mb/s
Fastest Ping Time: 33 ms
Protocols: OpenVPN
Filesharing: not allowed
Price from: $ 6.55/month
Payment Options:
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Hide my Ass is one of the most popular VPN services in these days. Be sure to check their offers out and maybe give it a try!

HidemyAss Pro VPN Speed Test #1 on a 50 MBit VDSL Line with


Speedtest #2 on a 1 GBit Line with

HidemyAss VPN speed test in Bangkok

HidemyAss VPN speed test in the USA

HidemyAss VPN speed test in the UK

HidemyAss VPN speed test in the UK

HidemyAss VPN speed test in India

Information about HidemyAss VPN:

HidemyAss is a leading online privacy service which was started by the company Privax as a project back in the year 2005. The website offers Pro VPN internet connection, free web proxy for surfing the net anonymously, free anonymous email creation (valid up to 1 month), privacy software and tools, file upload and sharing and anonymous referrer service for website URLs. What sets this provider apart from the rest is the amount of products and services that it offers, including some free ones. Their servers are located in fifty three countries. It stores logs like the amount of time online, offline and used server IP.

Hide My Ass has fast Servers / Ip adresses from:

Syria, Austria, Afghanistan, France, Namibia, Turkey, Bolivia, Anguilla, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Rwanda, Romania, Iraq, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Ghana, Nicaragua, Argentina, Bangladesh, Costa Rica, New Caledonia, Bahrain, Georgia, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, Netherlands, Lithuania, Cuba, Montenegro, Slovakia, Niue, Estonia, Croatia, Tokelau, Paraguay, Bahamas, Kenya, Canada, Europe, Ecuador, Mexico, Poland, Barbados, Oceania, Suriname, Macau, Ireland, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Dominica, Finland, Panama, Luxembourg, Burkina Faso, Grenada, Pitcairn Islands, Jordan, Serbia, Botswana, Benin, Iceland, Malaysia, Seychelles, Hungary, Macedonia, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Guinea, Japan, China, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Germany, Brasil, Thailand, Pakistan, British Virgin Islands, Greenland, Morocco, , Palau, India, Cyprus, Qatar, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Chile, Antigua and Barbuda, Cameroon, Kuwait, Kiribati, Cote d`Ivoire, Czech Republic, Turks and Caicos Islands, Spain, Myanmar, Lebanon, Guyana, Sweden, Montserrat, Haiti, United Kingdom, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Falkland Islands, Nigeria, Aland Islands, Christmas Island, Slovenia, North America, United States, Aruba, Saint Lucia, Peru, Guatemala, Saint Helena, Vietnam, Italy, Moldova, Australia, Bulgaria, Oman, Belarus, Norway, Uruguay, Honduras, Philippines, Gabon, Uganda, Bermuda, Albania, South Korea, Portugal, Colombia, Belgium, Indonesia, Russia, Venezuela, Taiwan, Switzerland, Greece, Israel, Belize, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Malta, Bosnia, El Salvador, Norfolk Island, Palestine, Cook Islands, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Latvia .

The fastest VPN Servers from Hide My Ass:

Server Name Ping Download Test Upload Test
hu Hungary, Budapest 35 ms 4700 KB/s 220 KB/s
fr France, Roubaix (LOC1 S1) 32 ms 3613 KB/s 238 KB/s
it Italy, Lombardy, Milan (LOC2 S1) 33 ms 3237 KB/s 224 KB/s
gb UK, Hampshire, Gosport (LOC1 S7) 47 ms 3293 KB/s 161 KB/s
nl Netherlands, Rotterdam (LOC1 S1) 34 ms 3227 KB/s 206 KB/s
ch Switzerland, Zurich (LOC1 S7) 46 ms 2602 KB/s 193 KB/s
us UK, London – Virtual USA (LOC1 S1) 44 ms 2561 KB/s 181 KB/s
lu Luxembourg (LOC1 S8) 47 ms 2455 KB/s 150 KB/s
pl Poland, Pomerania, Gdansk (LOC1 S2) 50 ms 2076 KB/s 169 KB/s
de Germany, Bavaria, Nuremberg (LOC1 S1) 33 ms 1944 KB/s 230 KB/s
se Sweden, Stockholm, Nacka (LOC1 S8) 58 ms 1858 KB/s 142 KB/s
at Austria, Carinthia, Klagenfurt 50 ms 1788 KB/s 201 KB/s
dk Denmark, Copenhagen (LOC1 S1) 39 ms 1607 KB/s 207 KB/s
md Moldova, Chisinau 82 ms 1686 KB/s 120 KB/s
sk Slovakia, Bratislava 43 ms 1607 KB/s 187 KB/s
lv Latvia, Riga (LOC1 S1) 61 ms 1646 KB/s 125 KB/s

HideMyAss VPN Speed Test: Network Speed without VPN: 33.42 Mb/s Download Speed, 6.66 Mb/s Upload Speed, 39 ms Ping Time Network Speed with HideMyAss VPN/ OpenVPN: 10.57 Mb/s Download Speed, 2.18 Mb/s Upload Speed, 43 ms Ping Time Network Speed with HideMyAss VPN / PPTP: 7.4 Mb/s Download Speed, 4.67 Mb/s Upload Speed, 46 ms Ping Time Hide My Ass offers Clients for: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, IOS / IPhone, Android

The HidemyAss VPN Client: