The best & fastest VPN Services 2014

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Networks, these are the perfect solution for individuals who prefer to have complete internet privacy. With this kind of network, there is no infringement of privacy at all and the uptime guarantee is extremely true too.

In normal networks, there is no protection of user’s privacy while they surf the net and one’s personal data may be collected or guessed from one’s browsing behavior and used for wrong purposes. Hence it is better to choose a VPN service provider over a regular internet service provider.

How to get a real High Speed VPN Service?

Choosing the best or the fastest VPN service is a task that requires comparison between different options. You should take your time to consider your options and make a final decision after due consideration. Due to the strong competition in the market, customers are provided with value-for-money VPN services. When it comes to the fastest VPN solution, the following are the available options to consider:

How fast is the VPN Service Hide My Ass? ( Pro VPN)

HideMyAss VPN Speed Test:

Network Speed without VPN:
33.42 Mb/s Download Speed, 6.66 Mb/s Upload Speed, 39 ms Ping Time

Network Speed with HideMyAss VPN/ OpenVPN:
10.57 Mb/s Download Speed, 2.18 Mb/s Upload Speed, 43 ms Ping Time

Network Speed with HideMyAss VPN / PPTP:
7.4 Mb/s Download Speed, 4.67 Mb/s Upload Speed, 46 ms Ping Time

Hide My Ass offers Clients for: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, IOS / IPhone, Android

This is a leading online privacy website which was started by the company Privax as a project back in the year 2005.

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The website offers Pro VPN internet connection, free web proxy for surfing the net anonymously, free anonymous email creation (valid up to 1 month), privacy software and tools, file upload and sharing and anonymous referrer service for website URLs.

What sets this provider apart from the rest is the amount of products and services that it offers, including some free ones.

Their servers are located in fifty three countries. It stores logs like the amount of time online, offline and used server IP.

Hide My Ass has fast Servers / Ip adresses from: Germany, Austria, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, Croatia, Switzerland, Panama, Canada, Greece, Iceland, Singapore, Lithuania, Chile, Estonia, Sweden, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Egypt and Morocco. United States, Great Britain., Italy, Japan, Canada, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Philippines, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Luxembourg, Portugal, Poland, the UK, Denmark, Belgium, Argentina, Cyprus, Ireland, Moldova, India, Brazil, Germany, Latvia, Jordan, Hungary, USA, Ukraine, Austria, Serbia, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Israel.

The fastest VPN Servers from Hide My Ass:

Server Name Ping Download Test Upload Test
hu Hungary, Budapest 35 ms 4700 KB/s 220 KB/s
fr France, Roubaix (LOC1 S1) 32 ms 3613 KB/s 238 KB/s
it Italy, Lombardy, Milan (LOC2 S1) 33 ms 3237 KB/s 224 KB/s
gb UK, Hampshire, Gosport (LOC1 S7) 47 ms 3293 KB/s 161 KB/s
nl Netherlands, Rotterdam (LOC1 S1) 34 ms 3227 KB/s 206 KB/s
ch Switzerland, Zurich (LOC1 S7) 46 ms 2602 KB/s 193 KB/s
us UK, London – Virtual USA (LOC1 S1) 44 ms 2561 KB/s 181 KB/s
lu Luxembourg (LOC1 S8) 47 ms 2455 KB/s 150 KB/s
pl Poland, Pomerania, Gdansk (LOC1 S2) 50 ms 2076 KB/s 169 KB/s
de Germany, Bavaria, Nuremberg (LOC1 S1) 33 ms 1944 KB/s 230 KB/s
se Sweden, Stockholm, Nacka (LOC1 S8) 58 ms 1858 KB/s 142 KB/s
at Austria, Carinthia, Klagenfurt 50 ms 1788 KB/s 201 KB/s
dk Denmark, Copenhagen (LOC1 S1) 39 ms 1607 KB/s 207 KB/s
md Moldova, Chisinau 82 ms 1686 KB/s 120 KB/s
sk Slovakia, Bratislava 43 ms 1607 KB/s 187 KB/s
lv Latvia, Riga (LOC1 S1) 61 ms 1646 KB/s 125 KB/s

How fast is VPN Tunnel from Sweden?

VPN Tunnel Speed Test:

Network Speed without VPN:
39.33 Mb/s Download Speed, 8.82 Mb/s Upload Speed, 27 ms Ping Time

Network Speed with VPNTunnel / OpenVPN:
1.7 Mb/s Download Speed, 1.14 Mb/s Upload Speed, 53 ms Ping Time

Network Speed with VPN Tunnel / PPTP:
4.32 Mb/s Download Speed, 7.10 Mb/s Upload Speed, 90 ms Ping Time

VPN Tunnel offers Clients for: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, IOS / IPhone, Android

VPN Tunnel was launched in the year 2008, it is owned by a Sweden-based company called Netalia AB.

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The company offers high quality and extremely secure VPN service. The feature that distinguishes this company from the other worldwide VPN service providers is the fact that it offers very strong privacy protectionthanks to the Swedish Legislation and hence it does not require to storethe traffic logs of their clients on their servers.

The servers of the company are located in five countries, namely Russia, Netherlands, Romania, Sweden and Germany.

How fast is the VPN Service IP Vanish?

IPVanish Speed Test:

Network Speed without VPN:
40.62 Mb/s Download Speed, 8.1 Mb/s Upload Speed, 28 ms Ping Time

Network Speed with IP Vanish VPN / OpenVPN:
8.9 Mb/s Download Speed, 2.35 Mb/s Upload Speed, 41 ms Ping Time

Network Speed with IP Vanish VPN / PPTP:
16.33 Mb/s Download Speed, 6.44 Mb/s Upload Speed, 35 ms Ping Time

IP Vanish offers Clients for: Windows, Mac OS, IOS / IPhone , Android

IPVanish has been around for more than fifteen years. It specializes in offering VPN IP, content delivery and network management services.

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The VPN service offered is secure and has high speed. What makes this company different is the fact that it offers strong customer-oriented support as its services are backed by good technical support.

The servers of this company are located across twenty eight countries and the company is continually seeking new locations to place its servers. The company cares about user privacy and saves logs like dedicated IP address, duration of the session, timestamp and bandwidth used.

IPVanish has fast Servers / Ip adresses from: Singapore, China, Austria, France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Canada, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea, Japan, India, Poland, the UK, Turkey, Russia, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, Malaysia, USA, South Africa.

How fast is the VPN Service Pure VPN?

PureVPN Speed Test:

Network Speed without VPN:
32.82 Mb/s Download Speed, 8.67 Mb/s Upload Speed, 30 ms Ping Time

Network Speed with Pure VPN / PPTP:
13.52 Mb/s Download Speed, 12.52 Mb/s Upload Speed, 45 ms Ping Time

Network Speed with Pure VPN / SSTP:
9.25 Mb/s Download Speed, 21.97 Mb/s Upload Speed, 45 ms Ping Time

Pure VPN offers Clients for: Windows, Mac OS, IOS, Android

The history of PureVPN dates back to the year 2006 when the company first came into existence.

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The company offers comprehensive VPN service packages. What makes this company special and distinct from the others is that it focuses primarily on choice of connectivity, freedom and quality services.

The clients of the company can switch between different locations and connect without any limitation. The servers of the company are located in eighteen countries. The company stores only internet connection duration and bandwidth consumed logs to respect its customers’ privacy.

Pure VPN has fast VPN Servers / Ip adresses from: Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Brazil, Romania, Panama, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, France, Sweden, UK, Malaysia, USA, Luxembourg, Italy, Canada.

If you need a comparison of the best vpn services (without speed tests but with more technical details) check out this site about the best vpn service providers 2014.

Speedtest of Pro XPN VPN Service coming soon

This VPN service provider was founded back in 2009. It offers two version of VPN client: the free one and the paid one.

Both can be used across different platforms like smartphones and Operating Systems like Mac and Windows.

What makes this company stand out from the crowd is its 7-day 100% money back guarantee. The servers of this company are located across four countries namely Singapore, USA, Netherlands and the UK.

It stores two logs: duration of the internet connection/disconnection and the amount of bandwidth used.

Speed Test of Strong VPN Service coming soon

Strong VPN
This California-based company began its operations in 1994. The company offers VPN services but what makes it different from the others in the industry is its team of trained professionals, its quality principles and its experience.

The price of this company may be slightly higher but according to its customers and journals its services are worth the price tags they come in. Currently, Strong VPN has its servers in twenty different countries around the world.

And it stores logs like the utilized bandwidth, the duration of the internet session and the location and time of the link fabrication.

Speedtest of Cyberghost VPN Service coming soon

CyberGhost is based in Bucharest in Romania. It offers its clients with the freedom of surfing the internet anonymously or under disguise.

Clients utilizing its VPN service can protect their identity online and leave no impression behind when surfing the net. What makes this company distinct is the generous promotional offers that it comes up with regularly.

Currently, the company is offering a buy one get one free plan with its 1 year VPN Premium package. The servers of CyberGhost are located in nineteen countries and it stores the usual customers’ logs like the time stamp and the generated data volume.

Speed Test of Black Logic VPN Service coming soon

This Canadian company was founded in October, the year was 2006.

It offers an array of VPN service packages from economic ones to high end ones. What’s special about BlackLogic is that it protects the privacy of its customers tremendously therefore it does not store any provider log but allows them to experience perfect anonymity while surfing.

The servers of this company can be found in seven different countries across the world. Illegal activities like viewing pornography and spamming is not supported by BlackLogic.

Speedtest of Switch VPN Service coming soon

This three-year old company is already one of the leading VPN providers in the world. It offers different types of VPN packages. The servers of the company are presentin twenty seven different countries. SwitchVPN is special because it offers 100% money back guarantee.

It stores customers’ logs like the utilized bandwidth, the duration of the session, the time and place of the link fabrication. These logs are stored for safety reasons in order to detect the customers that do not abide by the terms and conditions.